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Kevin De Bruyne is compliant in relevant part: “I’d rather Hazard the key player is”

Kevin De Bruyne is becoming a leader for the Red Devils. That he also provides. But at the same time, he comes with a telling statement.

“I am to come here, very pretty, very relaxing,” says De Bruyne. “I feel good, mentally at ease. I have decided that I want to do to make the team better. I don’t need the main player. Even more, I prefer that Eden Hazard is the main player. If Eden runs, I can him with my fit reach. That is also important for me. I need to have the attackers as much as possible in the situation where they can do something. Then I know that I have a good job have done. I can be a brilliant competition to play but I’m still not the key player.”

He is, of course. He is the hub that the attackers and the flankspelers must launch.

“That is my job but I do not do that alone. I don’t see it. Not even in the City. I help good to play and I can play well because the rest is so good plays. Last year I also had a good season but that was less because the City wasn’t as good. I’m going to have to play better if our three attackers at the top. I am sure of. I hang off of them, more than they did from me.”


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