Janet Jackson has struggled for years with depression

fa26369042b9178cce67ea8afb7b74a7 - Janet Jackson has struggled for years with depression

Singer Janet Jackson has for many years had to contend with depression. The popicoon by the birth of her son, Eissa Al Mana (2) deal with the negative thoughts that come to look.

In conversation with the magazine Essence says the 52-year-old Jackson about her depressed years. “I have struggled with depression, it was intense.”

In the summer edition of the magazine, the singer and more about the difficult years behind her. Jackson says thirties problems of low self-confidence and self-esteem. Those feelings were, according to her, possibly by her childhood, the impossibly high standards to which they could not meet, and sexism and racism.

Also, as a forty-something she says often self-debilitating thoughts, to have had her to despair floated. Ultimately, says Jackson her good luck and peace to have found it. “I am happy as I had my son in my arms and when I was in his smiling eyes,” she says.

“Or when I give him a kiss or sleep sing. During such moments, there is everywhere a joy. I am part of God’s grateful for. I thank God for my life, my zest for life and the ability to grow in love.”


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