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IBM and Berkeley offer Online courses to the Blockchain

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“Blockchain” has almost every time. Most of the crypto-Interested also have a picture of what lies behind this new technology. But who wants to say that he looks at the architecture of the Blockchain, your Design and your Use Cases, and we really can visit in the summer of this year, one of two Online courses offered on these topics. Both IBM have designed in collaboration with the National programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) in India as well as the University of California, Berkeley corresponding teaching plans for aspiring developers.

The Blockchain is not a currency, the technology behind Crypto. In addition to the creation of virtual currencies, it can also serve to make the logistics more safe, to support humanitarian projects, to call for social networks to life or to prevent product counterfeiting. The list of possibilities seems endless. Who wants to play here, you can learn about Online courses from IBM and NPTEL or Berkeley basic programming skills for the development of a Blockchain.

In just a few weeks of the Blockchain programmer

IBM in cooperation with the National programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), a 12-week Online course on the basics of the Blockchain architecture, Design and the use cases. NPTEL is an Indian Initiative of seven technology and science Institute to develop course content for the areas of technology and science. In the course of the “Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases” to the background knowledge and skills to be developed, which requires a Blockchain-programmer. The registration phase will start in July, the final examination will take place at the end of October. However, you would have to travel to India to be able to test in person-drop. If that is too far, you can also enroll in the University of California, Berkeley for a similar price.

This goes on 9. July online, and represents a reboot of the student Initiative “Blockchain Fundamentals”. For six weeks, and the Online-course “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies” free of charge and available online. Especially students without computer science Background to learn about the different concepts of the Blockchain. The Bitcoin and Ethereum – a Blockchain will be in focus. In addition, among other things, issues such as privacy, the Cypher-punk movement, and network attacks components of the curriculum. The Online course is given to both lecturers and students. Thus, the content is to be transported in a comprehensible and in-depth knowledge is not necessary. In September should start a second course. Both courses cost less than US $ 180. This money will be well spent, the job opportunities very well, as the Website promises:

“Blockchain-related Jobs are the second fastest-growing in today’s labour market, which is currently 14 vacancies per Blockchain developers.”

Anyone looking for now, according to Blockchain Jobs, you may like to do that here with us.

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