Hungary approves law against ngos that refugees help

a639643f8c7f89032bc74ebd0226f883 - Hungary approves law against ngos that refugees help

Hungary has on Wednesday a law was adopted that tougher action against non-governmental organizations with foreign funding that refugees help. Under the new rules and risk workers and activists of these ngos up to one year prison for ‘cooperation on illegal migration’.

The legislation was 159 against five votes, with the support of the conservative governing coalition and the far-right party Jobbik.

Prime minister Viktor Orban is a pioneer of the hard anti-immigratiekamp within the European Union since the migratiecrisis of 2015-2016 in which more than a million refugees and migrants, through Hungary, from Greece to the north of Europe went. Hungary has, since then, closing on the limit, and a series of laws adopted against migrants and aid organizations that assist.

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