Hundreds of Brits in hospital died due to the unnecessary opioids

25885ab26f00913532eb2c81633149b2 - Hundreds of Brits in hospital died due to the unnecessary opioids

Unnecessarily administered opioids according to an independent research the lives of perhaps 650 patients of a British hospital shortened.

The drugs were without medical justification and in to high doses administered to older patients, according to a Wednesday and published a report on the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire, in the south of England.

For the report, more than a million documents analysed on cases spread over many years. With more than 450 people according to the report, a clear link between the opioid and the premature death of patients. In another 200 cases between the years 1989 and 2000, according to the experts the connection probably.

Relatives of patients that their complaint did or reservations expressed, were, according to the report, ” is consistently left in the lurch’.

The investigation came after in 2009 a doctor of the hospital by the health council guilty was found to have the administration of a wrong dosage of medication, which had contributed to the death of at least six of her patients. They should, however, continue to work, under strict rules.

Opioids are mainly for pain relief. However, they can also lead to addiction, and at high doses lethal side effects if ademverlamming.

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