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”Hopefully, return to France on the F1 calendar is not for yet another boring race”

c0415f2dad00da375ab74ff0c69b3443 - ”Hopefully, return to France on the F1 calendar is not for yet another boring race”

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton hopes that the GP of France do not display such a boring race results as the races in Monaco and Canada.

Hamilton indicates that he doesn’t know what the return of the F1 to Le Castellet should be expected, but he hopes that it is not a boring race.

Criticism from fans and riders
After two relatively boring races in Monaco and Canada, the Formula 1 quite a lot of critics of both the fans and the riders. Fernando Alonso described the GP of Monaco this year as one of the most boring races in the history of the sport. Sebastian Vettel did the criticism as short-sighted and made a comparison with the football world cup, where the next few weeks to also make it a boring match will be played.

Four-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has previously already been criticism about the choice of Le Castellet, as a host for the GP of France. It is al ago of 1990 that there is still a F1-race was ridden on the circuit, when it was relieved by Magny Cours, the GP of France until 2008 was allowed to organize.

“I have no idea what it will bring,” says Hamilton. “It will be a boring race or do we get this time an exciting race?”

“It will be a race to be like in Baku? I wouldn’t be able to tell, I have no idea. I hope for France that it was a good race, that I really hope from the bottom of my heart.”

DRS as a tool
To make up to promote were some races extra DRS zones added this year. The FIA wants for 2019 the aerodynamics of the car’s address so that it is again easier for you to follow each other.

The GP of Canada has in the past more than once exciting races completed, but during the last edition, there were even less overtaking than during the GP of Monaco. Hamilton indicates that his sad consent to the negative reactions to hear.

“I have those races not seen so I don’t know how you feel. I have heard that there is even less inhaalacties were in Monaco, and a few of my friends told me that the most exciting part of the race and the crash in the beginning.”

“That is not true at all the Formula 1 stands for and it is a very sad thing to have to hear because the sport has more to the body than that,” concludes Hamilton.

Hamilton has never raced at Le Castellet, the only experience that the Brit has is the testing for Pirelli, he last year finished with his Mercedes.

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