Hackers steal €25 million. of cryptomuntbeurs

7df2a71c39690deb32a79ada1d854d27 - Hackers steal €25 million. of cryptomuntbeurs

SEOUL (ANP/RTR) – Cryptomuntbeurs Bithumb has been hacked and that criminals are more than converted to 25 million euro of loot.

The company has the roof itself is made public, and says to pay the costs. The hack was supposedly Monday. The remaining coins are by Bithumb transferred to safe areas of the stock market.

The rates of the different cryptomunten decreased after theft. It is already the third robbery this year at a cryptomuntbeurs.

In January there was a 500 million dollar booty made at the Japanese Coincheck, and last week announced it also South Korean Coinrail that there is inflammation of unknown size had taken place.

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