Gilles De Coster saw ‘heartbreaking’ scene in Russian nightclub

7416fb68679f42c7e24de8371145b21a - Gilles De Coster saw ‘heartbreaking’ scene in Russian nightclub

Presenter Gilles De Coster traveled to the Russian Sochi to play for the Red Devils against Panama to attend. An ‘unforgettable experience’, unfortunately, also by the after-party.

The presenter of ‘The Mole’ was a witness of the 3-0 victory over the Red Devils in Panama. ‘Back from Sochi. Fine, helpful people. Very well organised and everyone is doing very hard for the football fans. Unforgettable experience, ” says the Four-face on Twitter.

Then he went to a night club, after which there is little remained of his good mood. “But unfortunately, also this. After the match, in the most famous nightclub of Sochi, I see two men walk hand in hand. Security sees it and takes action: two tough paramilitary kleerkastjes are immediately on, grab two guests on the arm, drag them to the exit draw, and put them outside. Just. With a look of ‘you know well enough why’”.’

“We will be home and start dancing for sure

The situation has made quite an impression on the presenter: ‘even Worse than the fact that was the look in the eyes of those two boys. A sort of acceptance. Resignation in a blew night. With a look of ‘we will, but at home go dancing for sure. Heartbreaking, really.’

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