Gigi Hadid felt guilty about wealth

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The half-Dutch model Gigi Hadid admits in the Australian Vogue that they are at the beginning of her modellenloopbaan guilty has felt about its origins. “I know that I have a life full of privileges led as a child, where others didn’t. I wanted to be extra proof against these girls,” said Gigi.

Gigi Hadid

“I was always taught that you worked hard, achieved something, just like my father and mother have done. So with my work ethic is fine. But there are so many girls who are just as hard work and every month a portion of their paychecks send home to their family, something that my mother once did. I wanted their respect, earn it by showing that I is also hard work for them and not in any way want to overshadow it by my ethnicity,” says the model on the fashion magazine.

“I feel I’m often misunderstood and I have long tried to do good for everyone. But the most important thing is that I remember who I am and accept that I cannot please everyone. So will there ever misunderstanding, so be it.”

Gigi is the daughter of real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and Dutch Yolanda Hadid, who himself made a career as a model. Although the two years already separated, Yolanda the last name of her ex-husband adopted after she divorced her second husband David Foster.

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