Gang robs house Wendy van Dijk and Erland Galjaard

414e5f06e6e298ed24b23f0db09047f4 - Gang robs house Wendy van Dijk and Erland Galjaard

The home of Wendy van Dijk and Erland Galjaard’s last week robbed. A gang of would an invasion have done on the residence of the famous couple, which is located in the Gooise place Nigtevecht.

That writes a Story Tuesday. Mike van Dijk, the manager and brother of the presenter, confirms this news on RTL Boulevard.

According to the Story is the gang all a time is active inside the residence. The group of criminals would ring the doorbell at houses in this area to verify that the residents are at home.

The robbery would have taken place on Wednesday 13 June at Zwaanwijck, the estate where Van Dijk and He have a home.

Details about the robbery, however, are not shared. It is unclear whether Van Dijk and He were present in the house at the time of the robbery. According to Mike van Dijk does the police currently investigating the crime.


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