Former Miss Belgium Cilou Annys convicted for excessive speed

The Bruges magistrate has Cilou Annys (27) sentenced to 15 days driving ban and a fine of 560 euros, of which half will be delayed. The former Miss Belgium had to be responsible for a hefty speeding ticket.

Annys was on June 25, 2017, in Bruges, flashed at a speed of 116 kilometres per hour. On that place is 70 kilometers per hour, the permitted speed limit. The city of Bruges, said to the police that she was in a hurry, because the father of her friend just got out of a coma awakening.

The defense explained that the former Miss Belgium and her driving need for her retailer and for modeling. Therefore, early master Jan Ferlin to a conditional driving ban. Annys itself pressed on the seat, its regret for the infringement. “I appreciate your personal presence, but make sure that you don’t need to come back,” said the magistrate.

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