Father, Meghan Markle bows again for money

34fb44ed531229d1141f1c9033089a06 - Father, Meghan Markle bows again for money

Thomas Markle, the father of the duchess of Sussex, has once again let you pay by the media. For the interview that Monday he gave to Good Morning Britain got Thomas more than 8500 euro. Just before the wedding of his daughter Meghan with prince Harry came Thomas discredited because he paparazzi had to pay. In exchange for the money they were given photos of the father of the bride who is preparing for the big day. Who missed the 73-year-old Thomas, however, due to a heart surgery. Thomas was particularly candid in the interview. And so he told his son-in-law have never met before, but several times over the phone spoke. Before Thomas his blessing for the marriage, had the prince promise to Meghan, never to store. Did Thomas have a book open about the political views of Harry. So would the prince have said that Thomas the American president Donald Trump a chance to give and would Harry the Brexit seen as ’an experiment’ that ’worth a try’.

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