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EOS learns again fierce criticism

78b2ee78d29775d108987d1414f941e7 - EOS learns again fierce criticism

EOS is currently the subject of strong criticism, since the user accounts of a number of network participants were frozen.

Critics say that the ability of EOS to close accounts arbitrarily, currencies compatible with the Central function of Crypto and decentralization.

A Twitter user pointed out the basic errors and it is joined by more and more commentators referred to the EOS-authorities as “judge, Jury, and executioner”.

The defenders of the Blockchain indicated that this was still a better solution than that of Ethereum, Ethereum’s Blockchain was geforked.

The reason for the closure of seven user accounts was that they were considered as by Phishing activities affected. EOS plans to create a democratic means to decide such important cases, known as the EOSIO Constitution. This was currently not (yet) available and yet powerful block producers have made the decision to enter and the accounts freeze.

While the authorities stick to their decision, many are concerned because the term “authority” is contrary to the egalitarian spirit of crypto-currencies.

The new criticisms come only a short time after the EOS Blockchain went after only 2 days of operation in the knee. The defenders of the platform have rightly pointed out that EOS is a new technology and problems, for critics of the crash was a Symptom of hastily written code and a worrying centralisation.

The centralization is already for some time been reason for criticism of the platform, and also the fact that powerful individuals hold the majority of the capital of the platform. Individuals within EOS to explain this with the large stock exchanges-Wallets.

Whether this answers the concerns of the critics of the law, has not been confirmed, despite the raising of a previously unimaginable amount of 4 billion US dollars, EOS has experienced a fairly difficult Start.

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