Donald Trump hugs the American flag

b354f91f7ef80dbf11db1df159931d00 - Donald Trump hugs the American flag

Washington – Even presidents need love in their life. Even if this president, Donald Trump, is called. After his speech at the National Federation of Independent Business event, decided to Trump an inanimate object to cuddle; the American flag.

Donald Trump during his bear hug with the American flag during his election campaign in 2016.

The president of the United States had just made a speech given on illegal migration at the border of Mexico. The fact that migrant children since their parents are separated, according to him, the fault of the democrats. Also he took off to Mexico. “Mexico has not even grensbeveiligers,” said Trump.

During the applause that he got, got the president on the flag and he gave it a big hug.

Election campaign

During his election campaign in 2016 cuddled Donald Trump, even with flags during an event in New Hampshire, and a meeting in Florida.

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