Domien Verschuuren applied at Qmusic

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Domien Verschuuren tried at the start of Qmusic, in 2005, a spot at the transmitter. The dj was then rejected due to a lack of charisma. On Instagram look Domien back on his rejection and the fact that he was going to force a program get in the Q.

”2005. A new radio station would begin in the Netherlands: Qmusic. In a moment of adolescent overconfidence, I will send a demo cd to the address on the website,” writes Domien. “A few weeks later I receive a nice letter from the assistant programme director: ‘We miss the look and feel that is at the heart of everything that Qmusic does’. 2018. Thirteen years later. Again, there is stationery of Q for my nose. But this time is my signature there, and it is the start of a new adventure.”

According to Domien was after twelve years of 3FM time “for something new, for something else.” “It is time to take a leap of faith to venture and I can think of no better station than Qmusic proposals to that. The idea of getting up at a club with fresh, progressive ideas gave me the last time a lot of new energy, and I can’t wait to start.”

When Domien, who Qmusic the middagshow present, 3FM remains to be heard is not known. Also is his successor is not yet known.

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