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Crypto market is moving sideways, EOS and Ontology rise sharply

d053d38b10b1fd4d11bded3fc18603df - Crypto market is moving sideways, EOS and Ontology rise sharply

The Volatitlität of the last days and weeks of abating, so that the crypto market in total, has neither a clear direction up or down. However, two Kryptowähurngen have seen increases in the double-digit rate: EOS and Ontology.

The total market capitalization totter to the $ 300 billion mark, and shows in the last 7 days fluctuations of a Capital inflow or outflow of 50 billion dollars.

Since the beginning of the month of March 2018 $ 150 billion are even from the market-flowed. On 05.03.2018 the Marktktapitalisierung amounted to 470 billion dollars.

The rumors and unrest around the supposedly important G20-Meeting for panic sales and strong comps of the market.

The crypto-currency EOS is within the last 24 hours, with 11,82% to a price of 6.29 dollars per Coin increased. Due to an increase in market capitalization to nearly $ 4.7 billion has pushed EOS on the 6-th place of the largest crypto-currencies.

As we already reported, the German Fintech company FinLab AG and decided, to a 100-million-Dollar Joint Venture to develop new projects with the help of the EOS Software and to market.

Overall, it was even collected a billion dollars in venture capital to make the project internationally known and Marketing. The rate of EOS is currently benefiting from this support and is, in our opinion, this direction (price increase).

The absolute winner among the Altcoins, digital currency Ontology. Within the last 24 hours is the price to 42,70 per cent and within the last 7 days to 81,08 % to 2.54 Dollar has risen. The market capitalization has doubled within only 3 days and is at the time of writing at just 611 million dollars.

The still relatively young project Ontology is currently a rocket launch on the parquet floor, and seems to have the upper end of the flagpole is still not reached.

The Ontology network is a public platform for the construction of a decentralized trust ecosystem, in which data is secure and encrypted, are stored and managed.

The target of Ontology is to services for a whole range of different industries, such as healthcare, insurance, Finance or for governments to provide.

The company behind Ontology, Onchain, counts in China the leading Blockchain-based technology company, and was elected to the KPMG China in the years 2016 and 2017 of the “Top 50 FinTech companies” in China.

The current price increase is probably driven by the expectations of investors, as CEO, Li Jun, hergevorhoben on the Global Blockchain Summit in Hangzhou, the Interoperability of the Ontology network and in detail described.

The expectations are correspondingly large and are reflected in the course of Ontology. The project will be attributed at the international level have great potential.

Rumor had it, could accede to the Ontology of the in December, which was founded Blockchain Interoperability Alliance, the inter-connectivity among otherwise working block is isolated chains.

Although the price continues to rise, caution is advised, since it can just as quickly go downhill again. The next time will show in which direction it goes.

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