Criticism on Sean Dhondts vitamin treatment that strengthens disease

e8463a546d6b9ba72c5ca0e3a627818b - Criticism on Sean Dhondts vitamin treatment that strengthens disease

Sean Dhondt was a few days ago in a hospital bed, that he placed himself on Instagram. Nothing terribly wrong. The presenter was followed by an IV-therapy in which he vitamins administered. According to him, super healthy, but he thinks that not everyone is so over.

In intravenous therapy through an infusion of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in the body inserted. This would give you a energy boost. So also writes Dhondt at his Instagramfoto: “After a busy week and boost my energielevel”. The trend has blown over from America, England and the Netherlands. According to clinical nutritioniste Elisabeth De Waele, one of the ‘Topdokters’ on FOUR, is such a vitamin-infused unnecessary and can even be dangerous. “Do not overdo it. By an excess of vitamin A, your skin and eyes orange. A poisoning is not excluded,” she says in All. “Vitamin E affects the blood clotting and an overdose of vitamin D you get diarrhea and causes weight loss”, adds the nutritioniste. According to the topdokter is the treatment is not needed if you are not sick. “So are you looking for unnecessary risks.” That is mainly about the administration of fat-soluble vitamins needed by the body accumulate in the fat cells. According to Frederik Braet, manager of Lightfalls Clinic where Dhondt his infusion was given, the water-soluble vitamins “That are directly in the bloodstream, the body takes what it needs and thus, all of the deficits,” he says in the magazine.

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