Crackers must be ‘treasure’ of 300,000 euros return

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ZELZATE – They slept on the street or squatted houses, but was suddenly the treasure of their life in an empty house: 300.000 cash, hidden in a sewing machine. Joey D. and Kimberly A. from the Belgian Zelzate decided to be a part of the money to share to their old friends. The couple is risking now in prison for money laundering and drug possession.

They journeyed as homeless torque from one knowledge to another, slept on the street, but also settled in abandoned houses. A zwerversbestaan, the 32-year-old Joey D. and his former girlfriend, Kimberly A. (33) into an empty building in the East Flanders Assenede, a ’treasure’ found: 300,000 euros in cash, hidden in an old Singer-sewing machine.

For Joey and Kimberly seemed their life a new start, their years of misery seemed to be over. “They wanted to buy a house, because they know all too well that shelter a start of a normal life is”, says Sofie Vermeir, a lawyer of Kimberly.

Wanted to benefactors

But Joey wanted to be first with some of the people who thank him for the past few years from the need, helped, and shared the money from to eleven friends. During their journey, as wild-wishers stayed Joey and Kimberly in the garden of a friendly couple, where the police invaded a drug-related matters. The agents found one and a half kilo of speed and 1001 xtc-pills. The couple was not at home, but the police was called Joey.

At that serendipitous arrest had Joey but less than 50,000 euro cash, which the police have the garden turned and the whole thing searched. It brought Joey, Kimberly and the eleven friends for the Ghent correctional court, where the matter Tuesday filed. “As the benefactors they shared the money,” said the public prosecutor. “But money that is not yours, you should of course not hand out. And the people who have the money assumptions, had to know that Joey and Kimberly on no ’normal’ way to such sums of money could have been hit.”

Penalties with a postponement

For Joey, Kimberly, and the couple with whom the drugsinval took place, asks the public prosecutor to 18 months in prison and fines of 6,000 euros, with deferral subject to conditions. For the other nine, which is money accepted of the couple, asks the public prosecutor’s office punishment with postponement or suspension of sentence.

The owner of the house where the amount was found, demanding the money back. But Jesse Van den Broeck, a lawyer of Joey D., wants the ’honest finder’ the money may keep. “There are in the first hour already to correct procedural errors made, which makes the study null and void. I demand that Joey be found a refund will not be punished.” The court allowed the plea on the correct procedural errors clearly do not appreciate. He does about two weeks verdict.

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