Commission EU-parliament wants the internet filter

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BRUSSELS – internet Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Google have all the videos and music that users upload automatically to start scanning to prevent copyrighted material without permission online. Also would publishers a fee as a part of a news story on the web.

In the committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament was Wednesday, a majority (fourteen against nine) for such adjustment of the copyright directive. The full parliament vote next month. Then follows another consultation with the member states, which in may agreed with the ’internet filter’.

Opponents see such measures as a threat to the free internet. Advocates propose right to say that musicians, journalists and publishers this fairer to be paid for their work.

The commissiestandpunt gets a lot of criticism from experts, as well as of the European consumentenkoepel BEUC. “It is high time that copyright laws, account being taken of consumers that daily videos, music and photos to create.”

D66 Member of the european parliament Marietje Schaake is very critical of the adopted text. “This proposal opens the door for a privatized Big Brother, where internet companies to pre-check what internet users put online.” Her CDA colleague Esther de Lange is well satisfied. “It can not be that a publisher’s earnings miss, when I’m on websites like Google News already the essence of articles understand without the original article having to open.”

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