Chinese all-you-can-eat-restaurant bankrupt after eleven days

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CHENGDU – A restaurant in China has the doors after only eleven days to close after hungry customers the case something good managed to find. Already at eight o’clock in the morning were people in front of the door in the row. The ’all you can eat’subscription found something too cheap.

In the restaurant, including the Chinese hot pot ordered.

For converted 16 euro could the Chinese buy a card that allows them to a month long unlimited could eat. Some tried everything from the deal to get through every day, a visit to the restaurant in Chengdu.

But that was not the biggest problem: on the map, no photo, not only increasing the card holder came to eat. So borrowed a friends and family the only to do unlimited to be able to enjoy the Chinese cuisine.

Thick debt

After a few days there were daily 500 eaters on the sidewalk, making the staff more than ten hours a day had to work. On June 13, found the restaurant – that in eleven days time already a debt had built up to almost 70,000 euros – enough.

“This is an expensive lesson,” said the owner against Chengdu Commercial Newspaper. It restrains him, however, not in the future again a restaurant to open, with a concept that would undoubtedly be better thought.

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