Children separating from parents: ‘Risk of trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, insecure adhesion’

5edfadc32b8282574836d131544aaadc - Children separating from parents: ‘Risk of trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, insecure adhesion’

Children separate from their parents, as the American president Donald Trump is doing, is ‘very serious’, says psychologist Bernard Van Steenkiste. ‘They lose all security, and they were already on the flight.’

Some 2,000 children over the last few weeks of their parents – which is illegal the United States entered – separated by the border police. Only babies would not be separated from their parents, according to the administration, of Trump. ‘Babies not of their parents separating is good, but the consequences for a two year old can be just as bad’, warns psychologist Bernard Van Steenkiste. Also children under four years are locked up, according toThe New York Times.

‘Difficult to overcome’

“The first two or three years of life are very important for the adhesion of a child’; explains Van Steenkiste. “They have little understanding of what happens and are very fragile. A secure attachment is suddenly unsafe. You can compare it with children from the babyleeftijd in a hospital stay, where they all care, but by many different people to be cared for. They can die through emotional detachment. That is called the hospitalismesyndroom. The first years are essential in order to trust in the environment and building confidence for later. Very young children will find it difficult to collaborate to come up here.’

‘If a natural disaster’

Also, older children are risking serious consequences. “Children are, by definition, traumatized. That leads to sleepless nights, anxiety, panic attacks, the parents do not want to let go, ” notes Van Steenkiste. “Children are not prepared for the situation, they are free suddenly separated. That is, however, very important. What them happens is to compare it with parents who died unexpectedly. Some parents will have already returned to Mexico without their children. As if it were a natural disaster, where parents and children could not be found.’

Van Steenkiste also indicates that the separation is not the only is what the children experience. “They are already on the flight. The only thing they have are their parents. They are their toy, their bed, their house also lost. The bucket was already full, and then there is still a tidal wave.’


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