Cesar Millan: a dog would Trump do well

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Cesar Millan has nothing good to say about the policy that is currently being conducted in respect of Mexican immigrants, who of their children are separated. “As a Mexican male, Hispanic and Latino causes me this much grief, you should never ‘the pack’ from each other,” says Millan at TMZ.

Cesar Millan

The famous hondenfluisteraar said itself also once on the wall, jumped, and pay now stick tax in the country to which he has added. “JFK said at the time: ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country. And Mexicans do a lot for this country.”

On the question of whether president Trump may have a dog to take in order to enhance a facility’s image to be questioned, answered Cesar: “Dogs make people human, so yes. I recommend a golden retriever, a lovable four-legged friend. That is what he needs, a bit more softness.”

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