Case of Scott Baio around sexual violence closed

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Baio maintains his innocence

The public prosecutor of Los Angeles has made the case around the alleged sexual violence by actor Scott Baio officially closed. The star of Happy Days made headlines earlier this year when actress Nicole Eggert claimed that he was her multiple times, sexually had abused on the set in the eighties.

The actress claimed that she is still a minor, but Baio continued to think that only one time sex had with Eggert, after she was 18, and that they both of them had agreed to.

The officers of justice to have the matter investigated and found the accusation of Eggert credible, but they can’t, because it’s too long ago and the case is statute-barred. Now the case has officially concluded.

The representative of Baio’ve alluded to previously on a civil case against Eggert, where they are responsible would be held for her “incorrect and defamatory” allegations.

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