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Carrasco responds to criticism: “People often don’t know what it is agreed”

c5877bd452fed67a99a294f5d7e3604b - Carrasco responds to criticism: “People often don't know what it is agreed”

The performance of the wingbacks in the 3-4-2-1 of Roberto Martinez will be monitored closely in this world cup. Yannick Carrasco (left) and Thomas Meunier (right) have the entire flank to account for, and therefore feared that by top countries, too much space will be distributed.


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“You have ninety minutes of attack and defend without having to stop. You need to the two do. Flankspelers and voyager into the sky to be able to just cut away, on the wingback that is not possible. So it’s a very difficult position”, gave Yannick Carrasco Wednesday during an informal press conference in the Moscow Country Club.

“In the first place, the home protect”

About the space on the flanks makes Carrasco is less worry. “I’ll give you an example of how the at Atlético under Diego Simeone. There, the coach said that the purpose of our home was that we need to protect. Everything on the sides is done, it is much less dangerous. If the ball through the middle, is the promenade to the goal is open. With a ball on the outside there is still a center follow, the attacker still needs to achieve: there are so many factors. If there is a ball between the lines through the center, is that much more dangerous. So we need to be on the first place the house protect. That asks Martinez: definitely downtown, to keep, every coach wants that.”

“I think the first place to the team”

At Atlético, and now also in China, Carrasco a much aanvallendere role. “I try to carry out tasks that the coach gives me: it is not my usual position, so I want to follow the instructions. I concentrate mainly on my defensive job, because that is the aspect I least understand. So I think on the first place on the team. My preferred position is, however, not. If I would be allowed to choose was the attacks, attacks and attacks. Each player, however, wants to hold and so I will play where the team is me. I want the team as much as possible to help.”

“We are constantly in the red”

The Fans expect, however, especially in attacking actions of Carrasco and therefore remain on their hunger with his current role in the team. “I’m strong on the line, but leave it far from goal. So, I always have team mates for me and then it is more logical to play on them. People often know not what is agreed in advance. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of two years ago, said Wilmots me that the linkerflankspeler me no time pass if. So then I did that. Afterwards ask everyone on why I have not played as in the final of the Champions League, and that is so because the job is different. Every attacking player finds it more fun to hit the ball on the foot. Also at Half-I had defensive tasks, but still mostly an attacking role. In this team are the attacking players, however, Romelu, Eden, and Kevin. Then Thomas Meunier and I, we can assist from the second line. After an attack, we must also quickly back: so we are constantly in the red.”

“We can during a match switch smoothly”

At the resting against Panama sent Roberto Martinez, a consequence was that Carrasco is harassing more could enjoy. “The coach felt that was the way to win the match. We have a lot of players with a lot of experience that during a race for fast switching. I, myself, could be so a lot higher of play to the right back to search. But we have seen that there are no easy matches are: many top performers leave. Also we had it in the first half not easy. Every first match is always difficult, especially against a rookie. There are always a few nerves.”

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