British prime minister May survive a key vote in the parliament

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The British prime minister Theresa May on Wednesday an important vote in the British house of Commons survived about Brexit and the role that the parliament would get if there is no agreement with the EU is reached. May had to be compromise at the EU-minded ‘rebels’ within her own Conservative Party.

The United Kingdom leaves the EU on 29 march of next year. The British government is currently conducting negotiations with EU leaders over the settlement of Brexit and about the future in thy relationships.

The house of Commons had Wednesday vote on a proposal that the parliament would give if the negotiations turn out. It is not certain that the EU and May a agreement. If there is an agreement, can the British parliament that deal also reject. May want to the parliament that extra power does not give, because they are not with tied hands wants to negotiate.

The vote was a test for May. EU-minded followers of the prime minister, headed by former attorney general john Dominic Grieve, demanded more participation of the parliament. A number of concessions – a letter of intent on parliamentary participation attracted enough people over the line. The conscious text was 319 against 303 votes rejected.

May is often under fire in her own party because of the Brexit. On the one hand, she is being hunted by Brexit hardliners, who think that they are too many concessions to the EU. On the other hand implement EU-minded followers her under pressure.

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