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BREAKING: Hack in Bithumb, apparently, about 30 million US dollars stolen

a33da531fb06d127d6550cb392ba219d - BREAKING: Hack in Bithumb, apparently, about 30 million US dollars stolen

The South Korean crypto-exchange, has lost according to the initial information more than 30 million US dollars. The stock market confirmed this on the Morning of 20. June via her Twitter Account. All the accounts activities have been temporarily frozen.

Who moves for a while in the crypto-Ecosystem, knows the Problem. Be traded on the stock markets secure crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & co.. The stock exchanges have, however, always fight back with attacks on their systems.

So on the Morning of 20. June – how the stock market Bithumb via their Twitter Account announced that it had frozen temporarily all transactions:

“[News of the suspension of payments] Due to increased security risks, we change our Wallet System. Please do not pay anything until there is a message from us. *All deposits will not be transferred to the wallet, until all Changes are completed.“

Originally it was said that in the Hack a total 31,56 million US dollars (35 billion Won), lost to be gone. The Tweet was however deleted in the meantime, apparently – at the moment there is no definitive confirmation about the lost money.

Similarly, Bithumb announced originally that they would have to compensate the users for their lost crypto-currencies. However, this Tweet has been deleted in the meantime.

Hacks are in the crypto scene are not uncommon. To name just a few: in may, we reported on the re-Hack at the Verge. Also Coincheck suffered in March in an attack that also Binance fell at the beginning of the year, some of the victims of that attack.

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