Boris Dittrich, married out of fear for life

d72ea4937b6d364053dcd1811eb8f523 - Boris Dittrich, married out of fear for life

Boris Dittrich his marriage appears not to be based on the eternal love. The ex-politician feared for his life and got tied the knot to his partner to protect for the case that Dittrich would be death.

Boris Dittrich

Boris tells Panorama that in 2004, he was threatened by the Gills and, therefore, day and night was secured. “I had two guards that are always with me life. At one point I went to the bakery. First was a single security guard inside, who then angrily went to look for anyone who just wanted to buy. It was not to do.”

That was the moment Dittrich realized that his partner not entitled to anything would have, if someone at that time would ’neerknallen.’ “We had no commitment, nothing at all on paper, never been to the notary. So I came back from the bakery, and said to him: Say, we should get married, here and so. He looked up and said: ’Well, the best.’”

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