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Bithumb Hack: South Korean stock exchange Bithumb relieved of $30 million dollars

5f982e22d68e65a46aa71027f15409d1 - Bithumb Hack: South Korean stock exchange Bithumb relieved of $30 million dollars

The sixth largest crypto exchange in the world was today, Tomorrow the victim of a Hacking attack. The South Korean company is said to have lost as a result, around $ 30 million dollars.

The attack took place today Morning at 00:53 UTC, prompting the Seoul-based stock exchange froze all transactions – deposits and withdrawals – and began to transfer funds in cold Wallets to prevent further losses.

Stolen amount is relatively small in comparison to the previous incidents

Although there was no official confirmation of the stock exchange, it is suspected that the theft was caused by a Hack. Nevertheless, the $ 30 million dollars that were stolen from Bithumb, in comparison to other Hacks in the past, a relatively small loss.

Coincheck, one of Japan’s largest crypto stock exchanges, for example, was facilitated at the beginning of this year to $ 533 million dollars. In the case of theft it should be the largest crypto-theft of all time.

A South Korean stock exchange by the name of Coinrail was also hacked recently and recorded losses of approximately $ 50 million dollars.

Then there are of course the most famous of the crypto-theft of all time: The Mt. Gox Hack, which the South Korean stock exchange, the currencies 4 years ago Crypto with a then-value of $340 million dollars lost. The stock exchange had to sign up then bankruptcy. Some of the then stolen Bitcoin, however, could be confiscated, these are now being sold piece by piece and according to the opinion of some in the crypto-scene in part responsible for this year’s market Crash.

Compared to its predecessors Bithumb – formerly the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange-came – with this Hack relatively easily.

According to the Reports of the Sentinel Protocol, a program to fight against fraud and hackers detection, were the Hot Wallets on the night of the 19. June hacked, where rumors went around that XRP was one of the stolen crypto-currencies.

As a result of the hack, the price of Bitcoin fell to about 3%, and fell below the support level of $ 6600, but recovered a little and is located on the cut-off at $ 6770.

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