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Biker Gang is stealing Ethereum in the value of 1.8 million US dollars

090ce5c5ebb09227d25ee32c345deb87 - Biker Gang is stealing Ethereum in the value of 1.8 million US dollars

Three members of a Biker Gang from the Bronx to be charged. You lured your victims last November in a Minivan, in order to blackmail him. The man was compelled to pass on his Smartphone, and the password of his Ethereum-Wallet to the value of 1.8 million US dollars.

The office of the public Prosecutor of Manhattan has opened before a court recently the case against the three motorcycle driver. You have committed last year, as a community, a kidnapping in connection with extortion. You lured the victim into a Minivan, where you forced at gunpoint to give you the 24-digit password for the ETH-Wallet. The perpetrators had sent to him, to bring him by Uber with this vehicle. In truth, one of the armed Suspects waited in the back seat of the vehicle.

Crypto-currencies: If the kleptomania is rampant…

One of the men guarded the victim while the other two accused broke into the house. One of the members of the rock club was recorded by a surveillance camera. The police were able to identify the Suspect in the Views, the shots quickly. He had not covered during the break-in for his Biker Gang typical tattoo in the shape of a skull. The district attorney Cy Vance Jr. told the New York Daily News, in the environment of crypto-currencies would be enjoyed for some time downright kleptomania. This was the view of the Prosecutor, also in the present trio of Gangsters the case, although these were not well-versed particularly with regard to the technology. Investigators and investors are not, by Far, the only people who would be interested in crypto-currencies. Increasingly, there is a mixing of criminal acts with Tatvorwürfen from the area of Cybercrime.

A city Council has certified a defendant, that have taken place in the area of the Bronx charitable activities for the benefit of local residents. The lawyer of the accused argued before the court, one must keep the Deposit in comparison to the Weinstein-case, low. The Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been set, despite allegations of numerous sexual Assaults in the meantime, after the Deposit of its security Deposit in the amount of one Million US dollars. He only has to wear an ankle bracelet and not allowed to leave the state. The client of the lawyer not so violence was by Far, like Weinstein, argued the lawyer before the court.

The police managed, a large part of the stolen Ethereum-credit track. The three defendants have to stay until the end of the court proceedings in detention. For a Deposit of 50,000 US was dollars. The prosecution has accused the organizer of the extortion already in December of the previous year. The 35-year-old Louis Meza is the victim known personally. To was missing this time, any trace of the other three Suspects.

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