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Bernard Hinault run press, and calls the tour peloton circle on to strike against the participation of Chris Froome

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Bernard Hinault calls the platoon to cease as Chris Froome on 7 July at the start of the 105th Tour de France. The 63-year-old Frenchman, five-time overall winner and 2015 master of ceremonies for La Grande Boucle, made Wednesday in an interview with the Breton newspaper Ouest-France.

“If the authorities him not to punish them, it is up to the riders themselves to take their responsibility”, said the tour winner, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1985. “But if the riders are willing to be a cheater in their midst, it is their problem. The peloton should be on July 7, foot to the floor and say ‘if he starts, we start.”

With Froome, who with a fifth victory next to Hinault, Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx and Miguel Indurain can lift, was last year during the Tour of Spain, an abnormally high concentration of salbutamol determined. The International Antidopingtribunaal of the UCI did not yet decided in the case and not see that it is that even before the start of the Tour will do. The tribunal must, after all, a dossier wrestling by Froomes lawyers was drawn up and already 1,500 pages counts.

“The UCI should Froome immediately suspend”

“As another is suspended, everyone will find that normal, but he may just continue. Alberto Contador, that his punishment, accepted and properly finished, it would be Froome for the court to-day, just as Tom Dumoulin, that the Giro lost against Froome,” Hinault. “For me, this is not an ‘abnormal result’, it is just a positive doping test. Salbutamol may not be the panacea, it is perhaps not that what, to him, the Vuelta did win. But in that dose is the banned and the rules should be the same for everyone. The UCI should Froome immediately suspend, but as always people do not know how a knot should be changes as needed.”

After the victory of Froome in the last Round of Italy expressed Hinault also been criticism of Froome. Froome was after Hinault and Merckx the third rider in the three grand tours in a row won, but for Hinault “belongs to Froome, not really to that list. He had never allowed to start in the Giro.” That was a statement by Johan Bruyneel in the wrong throat shot. “Would it not be more sensible to put your big mouth?”, tweeted that. “Bruyneel should I my mouth, he thus protects the cheaters”, said Hinault now. “With what he and Lance Armstrong all flikte, he can but it is better to keep silent.”

In the past dared to Hinault as ‘patron of the peloton’ itself once the price still to explain if there are conflicts with the organization. .

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