Author of ‘The handmaid’s tale’ sees ‘unfortunately’ in parallel with the policy of migration Trump

fddf98190a804fd2586199a6ed0ee10f - Author of ‘The handmaid's tale’ sees ‘unfortunately’ in parallel with the policy of migration Trump

In her book ‘The handmaid’s tale’ to lose women the right to be with their children, and their families. “Unfortunately, credible’, says Margaret Atwood, referring to the policy of migration of Donald Trump.

‘Therefore, I have nothing in The handmaid’s tale written that never happened.’ Atwood sees, unfortunately, a similarity between her story, written in 1985, and the reality today: kids are separated from their parents that the United States is illegally entering. In the past two months some 2,000 children locked up in detention centres.

The book was recently successfully made into a series. In The handmaid’s tale is a woman separated from her husband and child, as a servant to ‘work’. She must bear children for her owner. The fascist and religious regime in the fictional Gilead takes her job, her money, her family and her body. Of women’s rights continues to nothing about it.

Atwood took her inspiration among others, the puritans and the Lebensborn program of the nazi’s.

The parallel between The handmaid’s tale, and Trump was already previously created, for example, because of the views about abortion and feminism of the American president. Now families torn apart because of the immigratiepolitiek of Trump, the parable again above.

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