Attack with ricin foiled in Germany

c6d7da154bd575740d6c539e0c913184 - Attack with ricin foiled in Germany

The chief of the German judicial police said Wednesday that an attack with a biological bomb’ with the poison ricin have been thwarted in Germany, due to the arrest of a Tunesiër last week in Cologne.

“There were, in this case, the concrete preparations for such an act to commit, with a kind of biological bomb, and that has never happened before in Germany,” said Holger Münch to the German public radio. He said that the previous week arrested suspect had started with the production of ricin, and that the officers on the elements they lacked in the direction of ties with the organization Islamic State (IS) essentially.

‘The searches have revealed that the suspect already ricin produced was, the most powerful poison of vegetable origin, ” said the police chief. It is 6,000 times more potent than cyanide. The substance is lethal when ingested, inhaled, or injected, and there is no antidote for.

A thousand seeds

It is the first time that the authorities in this case clearly say that an attack with a bomb full of ricin was prepared. Last week, when the Tunesiër by an elite unit of the German police arrested, said the court, only suspicions.

“We have a large amount of ricinezaden found that the poison can be made’, stressed Münch, ‘and also many other things which are necessary to an explosive to create.’ According to the antiterreurparket of Germany were thousands of seeds were seized.

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