Anger over minister in a Mexican restaurant

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WASHINGTON – Activists are in Washington in anger inflamed when they Kirstjen Nielsen, who as minister responsible for the harsh anti-immigration policies, calculated in a Mexican restaurant and saw food. The left-wing demonstrators urged angry the popular restaurant MXDC Cocina Mexicana, near the White House, within. “Shame” and “stop separating families”, they called the bewindsvrouw. Nielsen is secretary of Homeland Security.

Kirstjen Nielsen during her dinner.

On the Mexican border are illegals that are caught crossing the border in the U.S. arrested and prosecuted. They are separated from their children, who must be locked up. This paved policy, according to the government-Trump as a deterrent intended.

In six weeks time so an estimated 2300 children on the U.s.-mexico border, separated from their parents. It has in home and abroad to fierce criticism on the policy of Trump led.

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