André Hazes: ’towards 50 years of misery!’

66ffd092d8788b340ad9cdc9b2f845e2 - André Hazes: ’towards 50 years of misery!’

André Hazes and Monique are now four years together. Despite that the couple difficult times it has known, the two are now happier than ever.

André and Monique would not, of itself, as they celebrate this anniversary not on blunt manner well-known would make. Both of them take each other in their declaration of love on the heel. “Today, I live exactly 4 years with this woman. We make each other a little difficult, but I would never want to be without you want. And especially never without you,” writes André with an edited photo of Monique. “On to another 50 years of misery, emotion, laughter, and especially lots of love!”

Monique, it seems completely matte, agrees: “Today 4 years with this idiot! It seems like 40 years. I can you really kill, but God, I love you. With you I want to grow old, with you I want mountains and valleys to endure. Infinite”.

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