And there is Bart De Pauw again

97b044d9088d29a8ec67ef39fda04c06 - And there is Bart De Pauw again

For those who would be doubt, Bart De Pauw is still working for the production company Cakes!. That was Tuesday clear after The Buurtpolitie-actress Charlotte De Groof a photo posted online of a team-building event of the production company of Bart De Pauw. Bart De Pauw took a few months ago to resign as managing director at the production company that he, together with his wife ran, but the fact that he is not a manager, doesn’t mean that Bart, The Peacock no longer works for it. What his exact role within the company is, for the outside world is unclear. Perhaps the presenter just different programs. Either writes Bart De Pauw on scenarios for tv programs, who knows, considering he at this time ask for the program “Two to the sixth power”, which will be presented by his good friend Jeroen Meus. Bart De Pauw went Tuesday with his colleagues on team-building in Kalloo. A few months ago worked Cakes! participated in the project that Fernand Huts there set up. The businessman dropped when understood to be very satisfied about the cooperation with the company Cakes! . “What concerns cooperation with Bart De Pauw, we can say that it was particularly pleasant. Bart De Pauw has the scenarios for the films are written and films are also directed. I put in one of the films. As an entrepreneur, it was a fantastic experience to be directed by Bart De Pauw. A an expert in his field and has a great personality,” said Fernand Huts was still.

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