Akon wants to own cryptomunt launch

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Rapper Akon wants to be a own virtual currency-launch. AKoin, the currency should be called. Akon unveiled his plans at a reclamefestival in the French Cannes. It is not known when the cryptocurrency on the market would come.

He hopes that his coin once the payment is in a private city, Akon Crypto City. Who would be in the neighbourhood of Dakar to rise. Dakar is the capital of Senegal, the country where He grew up. “I think blockchain and crypto-currencies is the salvation for Africa can be, because they have the power to give back to the people,” says Akon at Page Six. About the design he wants to say: “I come with the ideas and let the geeks continue to figure out.”

Akon is not the first celebrity who collapses on virtual money. Ashton Kutcher invested, for example, very early on, for the breakthrough of cryptomunten, in the platform BitPay. The service ensures that people can pay with virtual currency.

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