Adriaen Brouwer Bierfeesten there again

1acbc3530f9469bf15cf5e09d4c7702c - Adriaen Brouwer Bierfeesten there again

Something for everyone, so we can get the Adriaen Brouwer Bierfeesten in Oudenaarde describe.

On Friday 22 June, there are the three stages scattered performances of The Breezze, The Sixth Metal, Daan, Coco Jr XL, Maxi Jazz / Faithless, DJ Fre, The Confetti’s, Haddaway, Alphaparty, Snap!, DJ Daddy Cool, Gilles Simoens, Gili, Yevgueni and Peter Koelewijn.

Saturday, June 23rd, there are performances of o.a. Rob the Nijs, Niels Destadsbader, Steracteur Sterartiest on tour, Sylver, Def Dames Dope, Guido Belcanto, Radio Guga, and the Ment Party Band with guest artists.

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