Young migrant who had hidden under the bus in Brussels, comes to life

643946a932f2a8519893a9c26c838eda - Young migrant who had hidden under the bus in Brussels, comes to life

A young man of 20 years old from Guinea is during the night of Monday to Tuesday crashed in Sint-Agatha-Berchem. He had himself under a bus hidden. The bus had as destination the united Kingdom.

The driver of the bus is interrogated by the public prosecutor. There will be an autopsy to take place. The news has been confirmed by the police zone Brussels-West.

The tour bus in which the boy had hidden, went to the north station and went via Bruges to the United Kingdom. Before his departure, had the driver been a few migrants turned away. Who wanted by the police under the bus to hide and to the shaft, clinging.

A boy from Guinea, it is there, nevertheless, managed under the bus to hide. But the driver of a bus coming from the other direction came, saw the feet of the young man under the bus sticking out. The bus drove in the Karel V-laan in Sint-Agatha-Berchem. The driver motioned to his colleagues that there is someone under the bus hung. Then held the driver of the bus, with the stowaway halt. Just by slowing down and touched the young man crushed. The police came on the spot and called the fire brigade on to the victim to be able to achieve.

Sudanese crushed

This is not the first accident with migrants under a bus. A 17-year-old Sudanese, Omar Mohamed Magjien, was last year in July, run over after he goes under a bus had blocked. He wanted to be unseen to Britain travel. At the north station departing daily buses to the British capital.

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