Young migrant died under Belgian bus

83a41099a7d89ce551761ff26aab4ed1 - Young migrant died under Belgian bus

BRUSSELS – A young migrant from Guinea, who is in Brussels had been hiding under a bus Monday night by the coach rolled. The bus would be via Bruges to Uk drive. Just outside of Brussels saw to a bus driver who was behind the coach rode feet under the bus sticking out. He made his colleague on alert, which is then afremde which the 20-year-old stowaway to pinch hit.

For the departure of the north station in Brussels, had the driver been a few migrants expelled under the bus and tried to hide. The young man succeeded nevertheless in itself unseen in the axle under the vehicle, to cling.

The fire brigade had to be a part of the bus off the victim. Even during the attempts of the boy to be set free, he died, reports the Public Ministry. On his body police found a deportation order. The federal public prosecutor’s office investigates the case.

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