Years & Years in Lotto Arena

84b1fd105bc0840203bcbd02af8227bb - Years & Years in Lotto Arena

The band behind the charismatic Olly Alexander is back from been away. While youngest single “If You’re About Me” steadily climbed to the highest regions of the charts, the trio of Years & Years are never as invincible felt. They are in bloedvorm. Recently, they played in the same week, an impressive set at the Capital Summertime Ball, their short film ‘Palo Santo’ will be premiered at BAFTA, and brought them “If You’re Over Me” live at Graham Norton. And now they’re completely on fire, announce them all at once, an extensive tour through the UK and Europe. Try them once to stop!

They make the news today, after a splendid performance at Werchter Boutique last weekend and on the eve of the release of their long awaited second album. ‘Palo Santo’ comes out on July 6 and is a plate of world-class. First single “Sanctify” did already suspect that it is a more than worthy successor for debut album, ‘Communion’, that the “King”, “Desire”, “Shine” and “Take Shelter” bulged with superhits!

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