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World cup-opener of the Red Devils at four most-watched match ever, in Iceland they are still doing much, much better

The Flemish television viewer, the Red Devils are fully supported in their match against Panama. According to the VRT looked 2.068.476 viewers last night at the duel in Sochi. That means that at that time, 85,8% of the people who at that time were watching television, were tuned in to One where the match was broadcasted live.

Belgium-Panama is one of the most viewed match. Absolute numero uno remains the match between Belgium and the usa at the previous world cup in Rio. When that happened everywhere in Flanders 2.366.565 viewers somewhere to the broadcast. It was a match in the eighth finals of the world cup, incidentally, was won by Belgium. They went out in the quarter finals against Argentina.

That Monday, more than two million people to the 3-0 victory of the Red Devils looked, the VRT is a very good figure, given the early show of the contest. Five o’clock in the afternoon is not a obvious hour to watch television. The market share of 85,8% is an absolute record. In other words, who is watching tv Monday evening at five o’clock, did not 15% of the viewers will not print on One.

Iceland can’t be beat

We do it very well, but as to tradition do the Icelanders, much, much better. When the match Argenitinë-Iceland Saturday night looked 99.6% of the Icelandic tv-viewers to the football. So less than 0.4% of looked, at that moment, a transmitter with a different program. And that’s not even a record, because during the European championship in France was the match between England and Iceland, followed by 99.8% of the viewers. There is thus for the Red Devils and the tv-viewers are still margin for improvement…

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