Willem Nijholt returns to theatre

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Willem Nijholt returns next season back to the theatre. He will be one of the participants to The Indies Monologues, a unique theatre with the Dutch east Indies as a central theme. It is ten years ago that the 83-year-old Nijholt, who earlier this year was told not to want more performance, live on stage.

In the show, giving multiple people a link with the Dutch east Indies have their personal views on the history of the former Dutch colony. Each evening appears a different combination of participants in the project on the shelves. It comes to actors, musicians, writers, and journalists. Except Nijholt also do, among other Yvonne Keuls, Adriaan van Dis, Bodil de la Parra, Ernst Jansz, Marion Flower, Mei Li Vos, Sarah Sleep, Thom Hoffman, Wieteke van Dort and Eric Schneider bring to the group.

The India Monologues is an initiative of Theaterbureau The Men, the production company of Olivier Schneider, one of the sons of Eric Schneider. The show is the next season planned because of the than seventy years ago, is that Indonesia became independent. Living In the Netherlands, still two million people with an Indian background.

The premiere takes place on 8 October in The Royal Theatre in The Hague. The performance is then until may 2019 to see throughout the Netherlands.

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