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Will Bitcoin collapse? Strong price drop in all currencies

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The Bitcoin exchange rate as at 13. November in the case of strong 5700$, two weeks later, however, already at over 11,000$. In spite of this high flight, Mr Treichl, chief of First Group believes that the Central banks could stop the space deer.

If Bitcoin recorded a new record high, critical voices speak up and attest to the Bitcoin to a close at the end, because behind the currency have no real value. So also at the present time, after the Bitcoin price has broken the$10,000 mark, and the Trend is still positive.

In an Interview to Bloomberg, the CEO Treichl said that Bitcoin is, at the latest, forced at a rate of 20,000 to 30,000 dollars by the banks in the knee. Such strong messages, it was already in the past, without, however, concrete measures followed.

The Bitcoin itself cannot be regulated, because of this decentralized controlled, and thus any state winds influence resolutions. Of course, the Bitcoin can be banned by the law for ordinary citizens or restricted. In Germany, the current situation is relaxed and there are no announcements or to change rumors some of these circumstances.

The global rate of waste – What should I do now?

As already mentioned, has increased the price of Bitcoin within a very short time of just under 4000 dollars, and currently stands at just under $ 10,000. In view of the incredible rise in it was only a matter of time when a correction will come.

Actually, we have expected that the price correction would be even much stronger. Even if it is very stormy times, and the courses are Extreme, both up and also Down there, should break out, don’t panic.

For those of you who are new to the crypto market, this Situation is, of course, new and unfamiliar, since you are into law of capital is reduced abruptly. It is, however, currencies are nothing New in the history of the Crypto and is part of the normal cycle of Bitcoin and all crypto-currencies in General.

A strong rate of waste offers the possibility of Entry or Nachkaufes, but it should never be a reason to panic. Depending on whether you count yourself to the area of the Traders, or long-time investor, here are different strategies applicable.

The Long-Term Investor believes that the crypto-currency for as long as he has it as a temporal target horizon. The Trader tries to sell a part of its capital against a price drop and then in a “Dip” (course drop) to buy, because the prices are much cheaper. Both paths can lead to the goal and your capital to multiply.

IOTA, Cardano and Stellar lumen seem to have already recovered and put to re-Rally. Whether this short correction einleutet already the end and it goes back uphill, or only a short breather, it remains to be seen.

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