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TRON: Still 5 days to go to Mainnet – rate increase in views? – So it goes

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The crypto-currency TRON (TRX) is only a few days before his “Independence Day”. After already on 31. Main the Mainnet went live, it is in the period of 21. to 25. June, come to the Migration of the ERC20-Tokens to the TRX Coin, wherein the ERC20 tokens are frozen in this period. What to consider before Launch and how it goes for TRON?

The Migration, will leave TRON on the cryptocurrency exchanges that support the Token Swap. This means for every TRON owner that you have done your TRX, if, up to 24.06. on one of the supporting crypto-currency exchanges need to send, where the best known stock exchanges are performing the Token Swap. A total of more than 25 stock exchanges have the TRX-Migration says:

In addition, it should be owners who have missed the Deadline, is also possible, the exchange of ERC20 Token to TRX Coin. TRON would like to make a Tool available, so that subsequently the “old” can be exchanged for the “new” Coin.

The TRON Mainnet

The Tron Mainnet was already on the 31. May live, since it is in a test phase. There is already a Bounty program for hackers to test the network for errors and to improve the Code. The good news is that, until now everything runs smooth.

The Tron (TRX) Genesis Block is, if everything continues to go smooth, at 25. June is generated. On this day the TRON will celebrate his “TRON Independence Day”. With this day, TRON is a fully-featured Blockchain.

The platform should be able to reach up to 2,000 transactions per second with low or no fees for transactions on the MainNet. Tron owners will be able to initiate up to 25 transactions per day free of charge. Creating a new account requires 0.1 of a TRX, a transaction should only cost about 0.001 TRX.

What to expect after the independence day?

In the period from 26. up to 30. June is to be held, the TRON Super Representatives Election.
In addition to the crypto currency exchanges, which will support the choice, users can also have the TRON Chrome Wallet V1.7.0 download. The Super-representatives-elections to create a fully Autonomous community for the TRX Token.

It is 100 Super-representative candidates (SR:) to be elected by the entire TRX-Token-holder Community. The 27 SR with the highest number of votes will be elected to the Super-representatives. TRON SR elections are held daily every 24 hours.

The Super-representatives play a key role in the control of the TRON Community, by ensuring basic functions, such as the block generation. You will be rewarded with each block generation, which is 32 TRX per second. A guide on how to choose, here (click).

The challenge for TRON is to collect as quickly as possible a sufficient number of votes to show that the consensus mechanism works well. For EOS, the switch to the Mainnet a few days ago was a bit critical after the participation in the election was initially very low.

The TRON course

After TRX in April, one of the best performers in the crypto-market belonged, slipped the price of TRON in the past month, with 41% strongly. However, it is important to remember that the entire market follows since a strong downward trend. In the past 24 hours, TRX, in Accordance with the entire market to the editorial section to + 7 percent rise.

As it goes for the price of TRON, can only be awaited. From our point of view, but there are good reasons that the price is in the long term, oriented to the top. So TRON has to be one of the strongest Communities in Crypto-Space. Justin Justin now has 515.000 Twitter Followers. The Tron Website indicates that there are currently 1.22 million TRX HODLer.

A further possible step of Tron could be the Fusion of millions of BitTorrent users, as the CEO, Justin Sun, has recently purchased the platform.

As soon as the first DApps will be published on the TRON Blockchain, which is, the Ecosystem is believed to be a further boost, which could have a possibly positive on the course. As always, however, can only show the next few days how it goes for TRX. First of all, the Migration problem and error is to be survived.

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