Tom Waes rushed to hospital

229ae28d830b47efe7240d5286c1618a - Tom Waes rushed to hospital

Bad luck for Tom Waes, the tv-presenter has a full year worked so hard and had so looked forward to his well-deserved vacation, but that he spends in the hospital. Even more, the tv presenter needs to go under the knife because he has a complex fracture has occurred. Enjoyed Tom Waes of his annual cycling holiday with his friends. For the fifth year in a row, left Waes with his friends on holiday, this time to Spain, where the friends all quite a few miles had ticked someone off. Saturday they were on day six when and when it went wrong. During a descent in the Sierra Nevada had Tom Waes an accident, he tells today in the newspapers of “media house”. “We were in a group on the descent. Behind a car, because we have the rule that during the fall do not catch up. In a bend had the car for us to avoid a parked truck. I swerved to the other lane. There it stops, I head-on into a car,” says Tom Waes. Tom is fortunate in that he is the story can still tell because the bang was really go. “The lady who was in the car, thought that they had also killed. The people behind me reason, were mt tears in the eyes looking at me. My bike was in three pieces. I am against the windshield of that car flew, about the car rolled and am on my feet landed.”

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