Time for romance: win a duoticket for Midnight Sun!

2659c74ffbcd7d147099be9f9b979a69 - Time for romance: win a duoticket for Midnight Sun!

As of 27 June you can go to the movies, go look at Midnight Sun, a romantic drama with Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger. Win here your duoticket!

Fancy a dash of romance between the world cup football matches? Join our competition and win tickets for Midnight Sun!



Love at night and ungodly hours
The seventeen-year-old Katie is a beautiful, smart teenager who loves music. Yet her life is far from perfect. She suffers from a rare skin disease, so they have no daylight can tolerate. When it is dark, her world opens up and attracts them to the station to play guitar for the travelers. One night, suddenly Charlie to listen, the handsome athlete on whom they have been secretly have a crush. Katie wants to know him better and conceal her illness. Together they experience a romantic summer of their life forever will change…

Midnight Sun, a film by Scott Speer with Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Rob Riggle.
From 27/6 in the Belgian screens.

Best of luck with the contest!!!

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