Ticketmaster requires death certificate

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London – The mother of a suddenly deceased girl is furious at company Ticketmaster.

The 22-year-old Ed Sheeran-fan Ashlee died, but Ticketmaster wanted to not just get the tickets adjust for her mother.

Shelley Diment was broken when her 22-year-old daughter Ashlee by a rare disease in a short time died. The girl had tickets to a concert of Ed Sheeran in Cardiff purchased. The mother wanted as an ode to her daughter to the concert.

The 44-year-old Shelly emailed Ticketmaster with the question whether they have the three cards of her daughter on her name wanted to convert. Instead of compassion, gave the English the rock-hard requirement that they even had to prove that Ashlee had died.

Only if they have a literal deceased certificate could consult, wild, Ticketmaster may have to cooperate.

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But even then, she had a statement from a lawyer, submit that she was the mother of Ashlee. The tickets were purchased with the debit card of the mother, and the handling was also, through her address, gone, writes Walesonline.

“Ed Sheeran would mean so much for my daughter. We have her buried in her favorite Ed Sheeran t-shirt. His music was also rotated at the funeral”.

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Eventually, after much pressure from the outside world went on Ticketmaster tacks. “We are pleased that this is resolved,” says the company from Walesonline. The company also apologize for the blunt treatment.

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