The life of billionaires in Telefacts Summer

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In Telefacts Summer, Julie Colpaert viewers into the world of luxury mega yachts. Here goes: the bigger, the better. If your boat is not fifty more long, than you count in this world. And not only the boat itself is expensive, the interior must, of course, fit.
“If you are on a boat when these are done with the porcelain, the glass, the towels and the sheets, that kind of thing, then you have already more than up to 860,000 euro.” Bill Duker, owner of Sybaris.

The place to be for the super-rich is no longer one or another Caribbean island, but the polar regions. The latest hype among the mega yachts are the expeditiejachten. Such as The Legend of the Dutchman Jan Verkerk. His boat is 78 feet long and equipped with a submarine.

“This is something very different than scuba diving. You are sitting inside, nice and comfortable. This will cost about 2.5 million euros.” Jan Verkerk, owner of The Legend. Cost for a week’s holiday with this boat? 800 000 euro.

The exclusive world of the mega yachts in Telefacts Summer, Tuesday at 21.55 at VTM

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