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The Colorado Sun With the Blockchain to independent journalism

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After a falling out with the media conglomerate Digital First Media employees of the Denver Post decided to create an independent platform for journalism. With The Colorado Sun is a independent media platform on the Blockchain.

With all the speculation about the course of history, the struggle for short-term gains at the Daytraden or the great hopes of the Hodler is often forgotten that (most) crypto is a groundbreaking technology currencies. This can make it possible to build trust without middle men. And this is, finally, one of the greatest Strengths of the Blockchain. The possibility to offer a transparent and tamper-proof structure. Whether it is the management of entries in the land register, ballot papers or data of the Supply Chain, in theory, first of all, of secondary importance. In practice, however, not yet.

As former employees of the Denver Post decided to start their own media company. You want to take advantage of the benefits of the Blockchain technology. As the New York Times reported, decided the graduates of the Denver Post in cooperation with the Civil Media Company The Colorado Sun.

The Rift

Apparently, the initiators were the desolate condition of your former employer unhappy. The company was, according to the New York Times after the Takeover by the New York hedge Fund, Global Capital in a state of “low morale”. The staff would not support this condition. The Denver Post had been taken over by Digital First Media. The media company, more than 90 Newspapers in the United States belong, was launched soon after the Takeover, extensive layoffs and “austerity measures”. As a result, it quickly came to a quarrel: a Lot of employees, which had not yet been terminated, decided to leave the leaf on a voluntary basis. And reasons, then The Colorado Sun.

Blockchain to the rescue of independent journalism

It should go through the use of Token democratic and transparent. The website should be in an ordinary frame. The storage of data on the Blockchain. In order to preserve the rights of the authors, ultimately, works Civil, the parent company, with a private Token. The CVL-Token is to serve, then that holder can vote on whether the contents comply with the journalism policy of the company. The ownership of the media platform will be transferred to the Community rather than an individual company.

The Team a total of seven former employees of the Denver Post so far. Until the end of the year we will publish 1,000 papers. Civil is supported by ConsenSys, among others, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, is a member of.

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