Tassenontwerpster Kate Spade is Thursday buried

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Designer Kate Spade is Thursday in her original hometown of Kansas City in the state of Missouri to be buried.

The service takes place in the Our Lady of Perputal Help Redemptories Church. In the same church, joined her grandparents in the marriage, as told Spade’s father Frank Brosnahan to the Kansas City Star. He expects large crowds at the funeral of his daughter.

The family of Kate Spade schref in the death that they are, for most people, a personification of her own brand and a glamorous fashion icon. “However, there were many more sides of Kate and her life. Those who personally knew, knew that they were a phenomenally loving, caring, modest and warm man, that’s unfortunately much too soon is gone.”

Kate Spade was on June 5, found dead in her apartment in New York, after they themselves had to live deprived. She let her 13-year-old daughter Frances Beatrix and husband Andrew Spade behind.

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